Start-ups that grew up at Pasadena Bio

Pasadena Bio has assisted over 50 companies since 2004, some have faded into obscurity, while others have been acquired, had successful IPO’s or built out their own labs as they march boldly into the future.

Advantageous Systems

Auritec Pharmaceuticals, Inc

ADRx Inc.

BriaCell Thereputics

Bruin Biometrics


Cardigant Medical

ChromoLogic LLC

CohBar Inc.

Epoch Innovations

iGlass Technology

KinetiChem, Inc.

Laxmi Therapeutics, Inc.     

N-Abl Therapeutics, Inc.
Robert Gellibolian, Ph.D





Platinum Group Coatings, LLC

PLC Diagnostics Inc. – Now iNDX Lifecare

Proteris Biotech

Pyxis Biologix

Senju USA

Terray Therapeutics

Verrix, LLC

YSL Bioprocess Development

Sumo Biosciences, Inc.

1200 Pharma