“Pasadena Bio is always going to be a part of the story of Holoclara and we are forever grateful for your support and providing an infrastructure for us as we stepped out of Caltech. I continue to hear your names out in the world with fondness, what is clear to me is that you are widely appreciated. I hope to stay in touch and perhaps we can work together again for a future Startup #2. Best, Andrea Choe, CEO of Holoclara”

“We appreciate your assistance and everything you have done for us for the past 4 years. During the period in PBC, we have licensed out our wet-bonding and on-demand debonding technology to Envista Holdings (the leading dental device distributor/manufacturer), and received NSF SBIR Phase I. We are currently preparing for the Phase II proposal, and looking for other non-dilutive fundings from NIH and DoD as well as VC fundings.”- Kollbe Ahn, CEO of ACathecol, Inc.