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AesculaTech uses a new class of smart materials to develop biomedical and consumer products. Our proprietary platform is engineered to change properties in response to temperature and other stimuli.
Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) is an innovative science education program that introduces students to the excitement of scientific discovery and builds bridges between school and the real-life biosciences.
BCN is currently developing novel small molecule drugs in the RAS and Immune Oncology spaces.
BioVinc provides skeletal selective probes to advance bone research with fluorescent imaging technique. Leveraging our bisphosphonate platform technology, BioVinc is also developing novel bone targeted therapeutics and diagnostics.
CellectGen’s mission is to develop user-friendly, saliva-based POC platform technologies to help dentists identify patients with high risk of emerging active disease lesions in less than 15 minutes.
CellVi BioScience focuses on improving human health by developing products and methods to overcome age related conditions and rejuvenate the body for healthy living.
eDNA Biotech is a POC diagnostic device company that provides on-site bacteria testing solution for anyone and anywhere.
Intuitive BioTechnologies (IBT) is a service-based company that specializes in in-vitro cell-based assays and cell characterization services. In addition to cell-based assays, IBT offers protein quantification and biomarker detection services.
InvVax uses a new genetics platform to develop better vaccines for flu, COVID-19, etc.
OkuloVision is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of blinding diseases using our breakthrough first-in-man Cone Progenitor Cell (CPC) therapies.
Ophidion, Inc is an early-stage biotechnology company developing CNS therapeutics for some of the most challenging and prevalent brain disorders. Its programs seek to address the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, nicotine addiction, and anxiety disorders.
Project K is an early-stage, clean-energy, hard-tech startup developing and commercializing potassium-ion batteries for faster-charging, more sustainable, and more affordable EVs and grid-scale energy storage.
Simurx is Advancing patient care thru novel synthetic biology approaches to cellular immunotherapy.
Intune teams become an extension to your teams for the quickest path for IVD or medical device product development, analytical & clinical validation, regulatory approval and launch to your target markets.