Lab Equipment


Lab Infrastructure

  • Autoclaves (2): Market Forge Sterilmatic, Harvey Sterilemax
  • Water: Deionized Water System (Evoqua SDI2) and ( Milli-Q UV Plus)
  • Ice machines
  • Fume Hoods, certificated (6)
  • Laminar flow hoods, certificated (3)
  • OSHA-approved Hazardous Storage
  • Cold Storage: 4C, -20C, -80C (remote monitoring by Elemental Insights)
    • Walk in cold room

General Lab Bench Equipment

  • Microcentrifuges, Centrifuges (Clinical, refrigerated, unrefrigerated)
  • Water Baths, Heat Blocks/ stir plates, pH Meters
  • Ultrasonic water baths, Sonicator, Orbital Shakers, Vortex Mixers
  • Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Evaporator
  • Balances, top loading and analytical, marble tables
  • Vacuum oven, Microwave ovens

Specialized Equipment

  • Bacterial Culture – Incubators – 2 static and 4 shaking,
  • Mediaclave / Plate Pourer
  • Electrophoresis: Agarose and PAGE, hybridization equipment
  • Fluorometer, Qubit 3.0
  • Gel Doc Systems (2) BioRad
  • LP chromatography system (Biorad)
  • Lyophilizer (Labconco Freezone 4L)
  • Microscope (Olympus IX70 Inverted Epifluorescence - Roper CoolSNAP fx cooled CCD camera)
  • Mass spectrometer (Advion expression-L single quadrupole ESI/APCI)
  • Microplate Readers (4) including Molecular Devices SpectraMax ID3 (fluor, lum, abs)
  • Spectrophotometers, including SpectraMax Quickdrop Micro-volume spectrophotometer
  • Real Time PCR system (Applied Biosystems ViiA 7)

Tissue Culture Lab BSL-1

  • Biosafety cabinets, certificated (2)
  • CO2 Incubators -- Static (2)
  • LN2 storage
  • EVE Automated Cell Counter, Nanoentek
  • Thermo Centra CL2 Centrifuge
  • Inverted tissue culture microscope, with color camera

Tissue Culture Lab BSL-2

  • Biosafety cabinet, certificated
  • CO2 Incubators – Static (2)
  • Beckman Allegra X-30 Centrifuge with Cell Culture Package
  • LN2 storage
  • EVE Automated Cell Counter, Nanoentek
  • Inverted tissue culture microscope
  • And more....




Conference rooms
Kitchen areas
Fiber Optic internet
Networked printers
Fax line
Package receiving


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